Pastel Pink Roses

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The soft pastels in this collection evoke a gentleness and grace. Associated most often with admiration of beauty, pastel pink roses suggest refinement and elegance.

We source our roses from farmers in the Ecuadorian mountains. Located at over 9,000 feet, they are given the optimal growing conditions. Each rose is nurtured to produce the exceptional blooms that are our hallmark.

Attention to detail is crucial. Every day, our florists choose the most beautiful roses in each batch to create our boxes and bouquets. Our roses have long stems of ~ 65cm, or 25”, long. Each one is carefully de-thorned, then we pluck away the guard petals so they look their best the moment they arrive.

Choose between one and thirty six, and select from our choice of luxury extras - including additional stems to reach a specific number. Then leave it to us to deliver what we are famous for: that unforgettable first impression.