Short Roses Signature Boxes & Bouquets

Long stem roses have been the traditional options for floral gifts, however, for a more contemporary approach, opt for short roses instead. The Roses Only short roses are the exact same exceptional, high quality roses that are always on offer – the only difference is a shorter stem.

Choose between a short rose bouquet or a short rose box for your next rose delivery across UK and London in a vast range of colours and sizes. Flowers are deeply symbolic gifts with each flower and variation signifying unique meanings. That’s why it’s important to consider not only the recipient of your floral delivery but also the occasion.

To celebrate romance and love for events such as anniversaries, choose red roses – this colour also makes a wonderful ‘just because’ or ‘thinking of you’ gift. Our short stem roses are available in both bright pink and pastel pink options, with pink roses symbolising admiration, joy and gladness, making them a wonderful gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day or simply appreciating those around you. The colour range also extends to white roses, which are often used to celebrate new beginnings make wonderful gifts for life occasions such as new homes, the birth of a child, a new job or a fresh start.