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N°1 Salted Caramels Original (130g)


Gorgeous sea salted caramels produced by Artisan du Chocolat for Gordon Ramsay's menu at Claridge's in 2002 epitomise decadence. A sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island's grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate. The pure untreated grey salt, harvested by hand from clay marshes, holds a wealth of minerals and trace elements that enrich its taste. It is the balance of flavours - sweet, saline and mineral - and of textures - crunchy, liquid and velvety - that make these salted caramels the perfect accompaniment to our signature rose box.

We seek out the world’s finest producers, wherever they are in the world, to bring you an exceptional product. Every flower we offer has been chosen individually for its beauty and freshness. Our florists finish each one by hand to make sure each gift delivers our famous unforgettable first impression.

N°1 Salted Caramels Original (130g)
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