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Valentine's Day Flowers and Roses

Impress them with Valentine's Day flowers. Stunning Red Roses, long stems, gorgeous packaging - you can't go wrong with Roses Only. The world's finest roses are at your fingertips. Avoid the rush, order now and save.

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The World's Finest Valentine's Day Flowers

This February 14th, use only the best Valentine's Day flowers delivery service. What's more iconic than long stemmed red roses for VDay? You're in luck, because we only sell the world's finest red roses and they're perfect for Valentine's Day!

Send that special someone a gift they won't forget when you order valentine roses. Perhaps add something extra special to your red roses, like some scrumptious chocolates

Explore our range:

12 long stemmed red roses

- 18 long stemmed red roses

24 long stemmed red roses

36 long stemmed red roses


valentines day flowers

Buying Valentine's Day Flowers for her

Show her how much you love her by sending the world's finest roses and flowers for Valentine's Day 2023.

It goes without saying that Roses are the ultimate flower of passion and love. That's why they're so synonymous with February 14th! Red roses have long been the go-to to convey intention and love. Perfect for first dates, 'popping the question', saying "thanks for sticking with me this long" or just because.

Yep, as far as floral arrangements go, you just can't go passed sending your valentine classic red roses.

Buying Valentine Day Roses for him

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for him? Buy him roses. No, seriously. Men like roses and flowers too! According to the society of British florists, a whopping 60% of men say they'd like to receive flowers. Sadly, many never had.

Roses and flowers as gifts for her have long been the status quo, but c'mon ya'll, it's 2022. Let the fellas enjoy some romantic roses next Valentines!

Throw in a cuddly teddy bear to make it the most adorable first-time flowers he's ever received.

valentines day roses


Send Flowers and Roses for Valentine's Day Delivery in 2023

Trust Roses Only to help you send flowers for valentine day this year! Order your favorite flower online with our easy-peasy checkout. Same day delivery is available in London and next-day flowers delivered UK-wide.

Please Note:

  • No address changes are possible once the order is submitted.
  • No special delivery times can be requested.
  • Special delivery requests cannot be made during valentines day periods.
  • Promo codes cannot be used during Valentines day period.

Due to high demand & limited global supply of the highest quality roses during Mother’s Day and Valentines’ periods, we offer a specially curated range, guaranteed to please your recipient. 



The History of Red Roses and St Valentine

According to greek mythology, we owe the humble red rose to the Greek Goddess of love herself, Aphrodite. As the story goes, Aphrodite was scratched by a white rose thorn... and well, you can probably guess the rest. If the concept of blood-covered roses isn't your thing, maybe the story of St Valentine will be of interest?

It's 3rd century AD, wars are raging, and Emperor Claudius II isn't winning any popularity contests after banning marriages. Why did he ban marriages you ask? According to him, love was a distraction and since Rome was a literal warzone, he didn't want his young soldiers to lose focus. So, he got on his soap box and declared "no more weddings for you my boys". Ok, he probably didn't say that... but you get the idea.

Enter Valentinus, a Roman priest who, after witnessing the cruelty of the Emperor, decided to help young couples marry in secret. He helped a lot of lovers but as you can imagine, things didn't end well after the Emperor found out. Poor Valentinus was executed for treason but before his death, he's said to have sent a final letter to a young woman he'd grown fond of while in custody. He signed off on his letter with "From your Valentine".

Later on, he was canonised as St Valentine - the patron saint of lovers and his legend lives on in every exchange of roses and romantic letters. 


This concludes today’s (somewhat) history lesson.

valentines day

Happy Holidays & New Year from the Team at Mr Roses!

Our store is closed from 25 December - 29 December and 1 January - 4 January. Deliveries resume on 30 December - 31 December, and then back again on 5 January 2022.

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