Our Roses

A symbol of beauty centuries in the making. Here’s how we bring you the world’s finest long stemmed roses.

Seeking the best producers

We search the world for the finest growers. Typically, we find them at least 8,000 feet above sea level, where they are taking advantage of the longer days, stronger sunlight and ideal temperature.

Choosing the best blooms

Within seventy two hours of being picked our roses arrive at the store, still fresh in their travel pouches. Each morning, our florists choose the very best blooms for that day’s arrangements.

The genuine article

Our long stemmed roses are given great care as they grow. Carefully pruned and supported, to encourage each flower to focus its nutrient on a single bloom, they reach around 70cm long.

The long stems help accentuate the rose’s natural beauty.

Attention to detail marks us out

Our florists finished each rose by hand, de-thorning and carefully plucking its guard petals away to make sure it looks it looks its best from the moment it is unwrapped.

For the longest life at its destination we cut the stem at an angle to extra water absorption.

The famous gift box

We professionally arrange our roses on a bed of tissue with their care instructions in our beautiful box.

Made from sustainably sourced materials, it has become well known as the protective layer for a special gift.

The Roses Only hallmark

We are famous for the quality of our roses. When the courier rings the bell you can be sure of one thing: you are giving an unforgettable first impression.

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