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Square Mile Magazine

‘The Essential Men's Guide to Valentine's Day’

Focus on finding the highest quality roses you can. Actually don’t, we’ve done it for you. Roses Only... deliver truly exceptional-quality flowers’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

We were delighted to have our famous red roses featured among such an exquisite Valentine’s collection. ‘The quality is instantenously recognisable - as will be your lady’s gratitude.


GQ Magazine

‘Lifestyle: Valentine’s Day Ideas’

We love GQ, so finding our classic red rose in the Valentine’s Day pages was a great 14th of February treat for us. ‘It’s not often a grand gesture is practical’, but our discreet box just about makes it possible to deliver the 50 remarkable red roses with understated elegance.


SLOAN! Magazine

‘Roses Only: The Perfect Gift on Valentine’s Day’

We were proud to be featured in SLOAN! magazine last year: ‘Roses Only is a London-based, luxury floral gifting service, bringing to their clients only the most beautiful of these elegant timeless quintessentially English flowers.

Now if you’ve spent any time on our site you’ll know how seriously we take our roses! Each thing we do is about providing the perfect end product, so we loved that SLOAN! Covered our processes too, ‘Roses Only set and follow stringent rules and guidelines when selecting their roses to ensure that they are quite simply the best on the market.


Riddle Magazine

‘They are Long, the Days of Wine and Roses: From finance to flowers, Danielle Gubbay, Chief Executive of online rose delivery company Roses Only opens up to Riddle’

Last year, our chief executive got to spend some time with Riddle Magazine talking about the exciting transition from her finance career to lead the Roses Only brand in the UK.

‘Danielle cuts a calm figure in her Notting Hill flat as she explains… the buck starts and stops with her. In her previous role... the self generating momentum of the banking machine would continue without her; not so at Roses Only, which makes her demeanour even more impressive. However her background in start ups, capital raising and managing stake holders makes her the ideal person to push Roses Only forward.’

She was really pleased to talk about the minutiae of our process. ‘So why roses and what makes Roses Only so special? All of Roses Only roses are long stemmed and come from Ecuadorian farms located at an altitude of 3,000m or more. This means that the normal growing cycle of the roses is 15 weeks, compared to the norm of eight weeks, leading to thicker and longer stems of approximately 70 cm, able to hold a flower height of 5-6 cm.’

To deliver the very best product, attention to detail is key. Each step needs consideration, which is what sets our roses apart. Ultimately that’s why our ‘clients… know and trust the brand to deliver a romantic statement rose.’


SLOAN! Magazine

‘A Surprise From Roses Only’

We were really pleased that SLOAN! featured the Roses Only brand in the run up to Valentine’s Day. So pleased, in fact, that when we heard about the launch of their new radio show, wanted to say thanks and congratulations in true Roses Only style - with one of our famous gift boxes.

We pride ourselves on our first impression, so we were thrilled that we didn’t disappoint: ‘Roses Only… has two decades of success… delivering not just the most beautiful flowers from around the world but also delivering beaming smiles and happiness to surprised ladies just like me this morning!


S Magazine

‘Liberty, Waitrose and VVA: The best things we want this week. There’s something for every budget in this week’s must-have selection.’

We loved getting featured by S Magazine in their roundup of must-have things. They opted for the 24 pastel rose gift box - a great choice!


Evening Standard

‘More women are sending flowers to their male partners, says Roses Only boss. Roses Only founder Danielle Gubbay says her business is booming thanks to female customers’

We were delighted to be asked by the Evening Standard about the changing trend in rose gift giving. Our chief executive was happy to talk demographics ‘A former City worker who launched an upmarket flower brand in the UK says business is booming as more women send bouquets to their male partners.’

It was our Glorious Twelfth gift package, in particular, that seemed to catch the attention of wives and girlfriends. ‘Marking the start of the shooting season for game on August 12 — it was 12 pastel pink roses with a bottle of Glenmorangie whisky and cost £99.95.’


SEEN Magazine

‘Everything’s coming up roses’

‘SEEN recently had the great pleasure of meeting the founder of Roses Only, Danielle Gubbay. It’s said that roses and works of art are beautiful in themselves; there’s definitely something ‘ultimate’ about a rose. It is this quality that Roses Only have enhanced to create their gorgeous brand.’

We were thrilled to be covered by SEEN Magazine, who were ‘struck by the vividness and quality of the roses…  and a refreshing absence of extraneous foliage. When Danielle says Roses Only, that’s exactly what she means.'



'These 6 Tips Will Keep Your Romance Alive In 2017'

'Who says love is dead?' asked Lizzi Jackson on BuzzFeed. Not us! We were delighted to be featured in her article that offered some great tips for a healthy relationship - including surprising each other, which is where we come in!

'The spontaneity of relationships is what makes it fun and exciting. Know where your girl works? Buy roses and have them delivered to her desk to surprise her.' Great idea!

Happy Holidays & New Year from the Team at Mr Roses!

Our store is closed from 25 December - 29 December and 1 January - 4 January. Deliveries resume on 30 December - 31 December, and then back again on 5 January 2022.

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