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How to Plan a Beautiful Baby Shower

baby shower gift

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    Baby showers are more popular than ever, giving mums-to-be the chance to celebrate their growing bumps with their nearest and dearest. Whether you’re hosting your own or throwing one for a friend, creating a special day requires planning, thought and for some of us, lots of wine (not for any pregnant guests of course!).. Here is our list of of things to consider as you plan a spectacular party that’s all things baby:

    • Consult  the guest of honour
      baby shower gift ideas

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      If you’re planning your own shower, this step is very easy! Think about what kind of event you want, how many people you’d like to invite, whether you want your partner involved and how elaborate you you imagine event being. If you’re throwing a shower for somebody else, sit down with them over coffee to get a sense of their style. It’s nice to have some surprises, but be sure you’re planning the event the mum-to-be wants.


    1. Pick a theme

      baby shower theme

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      Although the obvious theme is ‘baby’, there are so many ways to make a baby shower interesting and fun. Some popular themes include:

      • Tropical Sunsets: coconut cakes, pink and yellow tones and a big bowl of punch
      • Alice in Wonderland: topsy-turvy treats, costumes, books and high tea
      • Winter Warming: colourful beanies, chocolate fondue, a fireplace and hot cocoa
      • Boho Chic: naked cakes, earth tones, flower tiaras and chai
      • Bumble Bee Bliss: honeycomb, glittered wings, yellow balloons and iced tea
      • Flower Power: roses, floral dresses, garden games and champagne

      Be creative and come up with something that fits your budget and taste.

    3. Pick a venue

    4. Although some expectant mothers hire venue spaces, having a shower at home is a cheap alternative that works well. Provided you have enough space, all you need are decorations, catering and a good vacuum cleaner for after the event. If your place isn’t suitable, why not use a friend’s place, or your  family home?

    5. Designate tasks

    6. There’s no reason you should take on too much during the planning, it’s supposed to be fun after all! Reach out to the mum-to-be’s close friends and family, and assign them tasks. It might be as simple as asking the expectant grandmother to pick up a box of roses on the way or bake some goodies for the day, or you might want to split all of the tasks so everyone has input. Determine how much time you can commit and go from there.

    7. Arrange catering

      baby shower catering

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      Having a well stocked table of food is very important, but finding food that everyone enjoys can be tricky. By asking everyone to bring a plate, it’s pretty safe to assume there will be something for everyone, but arranging catering can add an element of class to an event, and take stress away from the host. If you plan on doing the baking, write out a plan starting the week prior, including a shopping list, recipes, and a schedule of baking (things like cookie dough can be made in advance and frozen). Ask for all of your guests’ food preferences/allergies etc., and then plan the food around your chosen theme.

    9. Pick your flowers

    10. baby shower flowers

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      The flowers you select should be in line with your theme, so be clear on this before you check your local florist. If you know the expectant mother’s favourite flower, why not spoil her with a special bunch to take home? Pastel lilies and roses are a classic choice, but check your local online florist for ideas (and to see what’s on sale!).

    11. Select a cake

      baby shower cake

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      There are so many places to buy cakes these days, particularly for special events. If you have an avid baker in the friend group, save some money by asking them. The mum-to-be will be touched someone made something so personal. If you’re really thrifty, consider asking the guests to each bring a plate of sweet treats, which will save money and give the day an intimate touch.

    13. Plan some games

      baby shower games

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      Playing games is a great way to break up the event and encourage mingling. Some game options include:

      Guess the baby’s name

      How to play:
      Hand out paper cards and pens and ask each guest to write down what they think the baby’s name will be. The mum-to-be reads through the entries aloud and awards a special prize to the friend with the best one.

      Guess the size of the pregnant stomach

      How to play:
      Hand out string and ask guests to cut a piece they think would perfectly wrap around the expectant mother’s tummy. Everyone takes it in turns wrapping their string around her tummy and the closest one wins!

      Guess the baby food

      How to play:
      Blindfold guests one by one, and spoonfeed them various types of baby food. Start with something easy like mashed banana, and move on to more obscure foods. The guest who can correctly identify the most food, wins.

      Write special messages on nappies

      How to play:

      Place plain, white nappies in a basket next to a tray of coloured markers. Ask guests to write special messages for the soon-to-be parents to read whilst changing nappies.

      Decorate singlets

      How to play:
      Similarly to the nappy game, place plain, white singlets in a basket next to a tray of coloured markers. Ask guests to draw designs and pictures on them for the baby to wear.

    15. Prepare for gifts

      baby shower gift roses

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      Gift registries are becoming increasingly popular, but if there’s no registry and you’re unsure of what to buy, think about the theme of the day, what the mum-to-be needs for the baby, or what she needs for herself. Our top picks are:

      • Customised baby accessories, like embroidered blankets or engraved toys
      • Scented candles to disguise some questionable smells
      • Flowers, which can be sent in advance 
      • Spa vouchers, particularly for services like pedicures or pregnancy massages
      • Family photoshoots, for when the little one is born
      • Nappies, singlets and other essentials, because you can never have too many
      • Books for the baby, with messages written by you on the inside cover

    17. Send out invitations

    18. Just like the cake, invitations can be easily bought online, but making them yourself can be much more fun! Check out Pinterest for ideas, or go down to your local craft store and pick out your own. If the guest of honour has a gift registry, include the details on the invitation, and make sure to give your guests plenty of notice.

    19. Enjoy the day, and take plenty of photos!

    20. Most mothers only have one baby shower, so it’s important to enjoy the special day, as you celebrate one last time together before the newest addition to the family enters the world. Take photos, invent your own hashtag, and give everyone an opportunity to thank those involved. If you’ve been thrown a shower, it’s also important to thank everyone who helped organise your special day, like with some flowers by post. Lastly, after the event is finished and provided you’re not the pregnant one, pop open a bottle of champagne and put your feet up - you will have earned it!

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