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Ace the 7 Days to Valentine’s Day

Did you know that around the world many loved up couples celebrate the 7 days leading up to Valentine's Day? Forget only spoiling them on the 14th February - Get planning and get creative, because you've got a whole week to celebrate before the big V-Day. 

We know that finding the perfect Valentine's gift for her can be hard. And finding a Valentine's gift for him is even harder. So instead of putting all your time and effort into planning the perfect gift, how about you do it differently this year and follow the traditional 7 Days to Valentine's?

We're going to help you plan the most romantic Valentine's dates filled with stunning Valentine's roses and great gift ideas too. Get your pen and paper and take notes:

Day 1: Rose Day - Give the gift of Red Roses

Day 1 of the 7 Days of Valentine's is dedicated to beautiful roses. Unsurprisingly, on Rose Day the idea is to give your belovéd roses that represent your passion and romance. At Roses Only we believe that red roses are the most romantic gesture, symbolising true love and a genuine desire for the recipient. 

Red roses are the perfect way to start off your Valentine's Week.

Day 2: Propose Day

Traditionally a day dedicated to marriage proposals, Propose Day doesn't need to end with you on one knee. This day, held on the 8th of February is an opportunity to let your loved one know that they are special to you. If you're not ready to pop the question, don't panic. A lovely alternative to giving a ring on Propose Day is to gift a romantic Valentine's Card letting the lucky recipient know just how much you love them.

A beautiful card with a romantic poem inside can be the perfect Valentine's gift for her. Stuck for inspiration? Roses Only have you covered with these 5 most romantic poems for Valentine's Day - pick your favourite and pop it in a card for extra brownie points!

Day 3: Chocolate Day - Delicious Valentine's Chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get! If your Valentine is as sweet as chocolate, then this day is going to be perfect for them. Day 3 is the day where you traditionally exchange a delicious box of Valentine's chocolates, to give the gift of deliciousness to your significant other. 

Whether you opt for a gourmet box of gold dusted chocolates or a classic box of Cadbury Favourites, we hope that you and your loved one can snack away on them for dessert. 

Day 4: Teddy Day - Gift Endless Cuddles

Who doesn't love having an extra cuddle before bed? Teddy Day marks Day 4 of the lead up to Valentine's Day. Teddy bears are traditionally the perfect gift for her, as they bring with their fluffy cuteness a sense of nostalgia. Teddies definitely aren't exclusive to female partners either! If you're not sure what to get for the perfect Valentine's gift for him, Teddy Day is equally as cute and suitable. Besides, think of any cuddly animal that your significant other will enjoy, and add it to the cart!

Teddy Day might be especially important this year if you aren't able to cuddle your loved one as much due to travel restrictions. If that's the case, hug tight to that bear and rest assured that your loved one will be doing the same.

Day 5: Promise Day

Making and keeping promises is an important part of any healthy relationship. Being able to fulfil your promises to your loved one is a sign of honesty and trust. Since love comes with responsibility, commitment, and promises, Promise Day is an opportunity to remind your significant other that you are committed to them.

Get creative on promise day - write down a list of your promises, create an artwork that unpacks them or even write a song to let them know how committed you are. Have fun, and don't make any promises that you can't keep!

Day 6: Hug Day

Ah, finally a day dedicated to giving and receiving hugs. Nothing warms you up more than having a cuddle with your loved one. Since they have had a teddy to cuddle for 2 days, it's definitely time to swap it out for a real hug (if you can)! Hugs are a wonderful way of showing affection and helping your loved one feel safe and comfortable. 

If you can't hug your loved one this Valentine's Day due to restrictions, don't get too upset. Organise a video call and hug your teddies tight so that you know that you are both there for each other through the thick and the thin. This day is more about the affection than the physical act.

Day 7: Kiss Day

A kiss is the ultimate symbol of affection. Nothing feels quite as comforting as a kiss on the forehead when you have had a bad day. Take the time on Day 7, February 13th, to give your significant other as many kisses as you can. Sharing that affection is a great way to ensure you both feel loved and appreciated - which is exactly what you want.

Once again, if you aren't able to see your significant other in person, Kiss Day doesn't need to be filled with physical kisses. Spend this day letting your loved one know how much affection you have for them. Hopefully you'll be able to smooch again in the not-to-distant future!

Valentine's Day

The big day has finally landed. Valentine's Day is filled with love and affection, especially after you've strengthened your relationship so much over the past week. On this day, your best option is to organise a romantic Valentine's date and really seal the deal. If you're planning on sticking to a budget, there are plenty of budget friendly ways to spend Valentine's Day, so have a read and get some inspiration.

The best way to end your Valentine's celebrations is to immortalise your glorious week with a box of infinity roses


Stay safe, and have a lovey dovey week with your beloved.

Happy Holidays & New Year from the Team at Mr Roses!

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