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Due to government-mandated, UK- wide shutdown our flower markets are currently closed. Therefore our website will be temporarily closed also until further notice.

We so appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times and, most importantly, your support of Roses Only. We’re hoping to weather this together and are so grateful for your visit to our store.

Roses Only Was on Ellen!

On the Ellen’s Valentine’s Day Special, Ellen was casually asking tWitch his plans for Valentine’s Day to surprise his wife for the night. Little did the audience know, Ellen and tWitch have something in store to surprise them first-hand.

Ellen and tWitch spread the love by giving every person in the studio a box of a dozen long-stemmed red roses from Roses Only.
Red Roses Bring Smiles to Everyone

The audiences were already smiling as they watched Ellen Degeneres in action doing her thing. But their smiles went brighter when they found out that everyone would also receive the same roses that tWitch gave Ellen.

Red roses are the traditional symbol of love. And giving red roses will always be the best way to say, “I love you.” The perfect box of dozen roses can brighten up anyone’s day.

The Roses From Ellen!

Roses Only offers the best long-stemmed roses from the Ecuadorian mountains, carefully dethroned and plucked. Our florists lay them down on a bed of tissue in our sustainably-sourced gift box.

Go brighten up your loved ones’ day. Order now!