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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is one of the most special days for couples around the world, as it gives them a chance to show their love for one another, and take time out together and do something special. Throughout the year it's easy to get caught up in work, kids and everything else, so taking advantage of special occasions is a great way to reconnect and show your appreciation for your partner.

Planning a special dinner or night out is a must, but for those looking to spoil their partner with a beautiful gift, check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts that your partner will love, from flowers to cufflinks, and everything in between!

Pink bouquet of rosesA stunning arrangement of flowers is must for Valentine's Day.

A bouquet of flowers

One of the most classic Valentine's Day gifts is of course, a beautiful bunch of flowers. Red roses are the traditional choice, though many people these days are choosing exciting alternatives like mixed roses, lilies and cherry brandy varieties. If your partner is a traditionalist, stick with a classic bouquet, or base your decision on their personality and preferences. If you can't decide, why not set the mood by decorating the house with several different types? For more inspiration, read our post on how to press flowers to create a stunning momentum of your special day together.

Infinity roses

Most people love receiving flowers, and buying a stunning arrangement of roses is always a winner. Another option for the more modern and elegant partner however, is a gorgeous box of infinity roses, presented in a clean white box with gold foil trimming. Infinity roses are the latest in flower presentations, and are quickly becoming a popular gift choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Treated with special oils, infinity roses, if cared for correctly, can last for up to one year, enabling your partner to enjoy this stunning gift until the next Valentine’s Day.

Gorgeous infinity roses
Spoil your partner with our unique roses delivered.

Champagne or a special bottle of wine

Celebrating your love with a bottle of champagne will make you feel special, no matter where you are or how you’re celebrating together. If champagne isn't your forte, buy a vintage bottle or an aged spirit and have a glass together. Presuming the night doesn’t get too boozy, save the remainder of the bottle until the next special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or the birth of a child, and toast your special journey together.

Personalised accessories

Personalised cufflinks, monogrammed towels and engraved jewellery make for lovely, unique and very personal gifts, and are an excellent choice for the partner with taste. There are plenty of online stores that sell personalised products, or you could purchase a gift in store and have it engraved yourself. If you are spoiling your partner with an article of clothing or linen, mark it with their name or initials, but if jewellery is your gift of choice, a romantic message will make a beautiful piece even more special.

Flowers and champagneRoses and champagne make the perfect pair. Roses Only offers roses delivery UK.

A surprise weekend away together

Spending a week away from work, family and the stress of everyday life is a wonderful treat for any couple. Though it may take planning in advance, booking a bed and breakfast or hotel room, locally or otherwise, is a magnificent way to surprise your partner and spend some quality time together. Even just a few days away can make the world of difference, and allow you to rekindle and spark some romance.


There aren’t many people, men or women, who don’t love receiving a delicious box of chocolates on any occasion, and no occasion cries for indulgent food quite like Valentine’s Day does. Regardless of where you are and what you’re doing, surprising your partner at work with a box of rich, delectable chocolates will start the day off right, or you could save them for later and enjoy them with strawberries, champagne and the company of your loved one.

Roses and chocolatesChocolates and flowers delivery UK will make any occasion a hit!

A heartfelt card or message

You don’t have to spend money to show your partner how much you care for and love them, particularly if you don’t have a lot to spare. Writing a genuine, sincere and heartfelt message in a card is a perfect way to tell them the things you perhaps often think, but never say out loud, and a way for them to keep these kind words for the rest of your lives. If you’re lost for words, find a romantic poem and handwrite it in a card for your significant other to enjoy.

A candle

A candle makes for a fantastic gift as it is not only something that lasts well beyond its first use, but also provides a way to set a soft and tender mood if a candle-lit dinner is what you’ve got in mind. A scented candle is a must, and if you feel so inclined, couple it with some flowers UK for the ultimate in romantic gestures.

Valentine's Day

Tickets to a show

Whether you’re trying to find something fun to take your partner to on Valentine’s Day, or want to extend the celebrations into the year, tickets to a show might just be the thing for you. Depending on their tastes and interests, consider the ballet, the opera, the theatre, a live show, a comedy show or anything local that looks interesting. Plan ahead with dinner reservations at a nearby spot and make a night of it!

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