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Ways to Spoil Mum on Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts

Mums are notorious for being the most caring, giving and selfless members of the family, but often get overlooked when it comes to being spoiled and told how important they are. Mother's Day is a great reminder of just how wonderful our mums are, and gives us a fabulous opportunity to treat them to a day of pampering and love. Here is our list of the best things to do this Mother's Day.

Breakfast in bed

Waking mum up with a lovely breakfast in bed is a wonderful way to start her day, no matter what you have planned. Make her favourite breaky snack, or buy some special pastries and coffee from a local cafe if that's more her taste. Let her stay in bed all morning reading the paper and munching on some delicious food while you start to prepare for the big day!

Arrange for a family portrait to be taken

You probably have hundreds of photographs with your mum, but when was the last time the whole family properly got together for a nice picture? Organise with your siblings, grandparents, children and anyone else you want to include to get dressed up, and either arrange to go to a studio for some professional shots, or simply find a nice spot in the family home and say cheese. Having an up to date photo of those closest to her will make mum feel very special indeed.

Mother's Day

Make a scrapbook

As we get older we tend to start appreciating our parents more, and look back fondly on the many years of memories made together and times spent laughing, crying and learning. Putting these memories onto paper is a fantastic way to take a trip down memory lane, and give your mum a beautiful souvenir to read when you’re not around. Start with a few pictures and jot down some of your favourite memories, then start organising the scrapbook by year, significant events or whatever your vision dictates. If you’re not so good with words, find some poems that express your feelings, and write them next to select photos along the way.

Visit her at home

It might seem obvious to some people to visit mum on Mother’s Day, but if your mum lives out of town or usually comes to you, consider making the effort to visit her. Of course for some this may be too impractical, but if you can work it out, imagine how excited your mum will feel by an impromptu visit on a day she was expecting to spend on her own.

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See a show

Sure, you probably visit the local shopping centre or check out what’s playing at a nearby cinema every so often, but taking your mum out to see a show is something you may not do very often. Research what’s on and think about what your mum might like, such as going to the theatre, seeing a comedy show, watching a ballet or seeing an opera, and book tickets for you, her, and anyone else in the family who wants to come along. Make sure you let her know to keep the evening free, and if you can, book in a nice dinner or a cheeky glass of champagne at a nice dinner spot nearby before the performance.

Buy her a bunch of roses

It’s pretty much a given that Mother’s Day comes with expectations of flowers and there is no better choice than roses.

There are so many stunning colours to choose from, but a classic choice for mum would be white, pastel pink or purple, or anything you feel best matches her personality. You can take it one step further by decorating the whole house with beautiful bouquets, or simply arrange for them to be delivered and include a heartfelt note. 

Mum and daughter

Take a family holiday

t doesn’t get much more indulgent than taking your mum on a surprise getaway, whether it’s a round the world trip or stay-cation at a fancy hotel. If it’s too difficult to keep the whole thing a surprise, just tell her that you’re going away but keep the details secret, and book everything in advance. If you can afford it, take her somewhere she’s always wanted to visit, and pack the trip with fun activities for the whole family. Even a night away will make your mum feel loved and appreciated, so decide on a budget and spoil her the best way you can.

Tell her how much she means to her

A simple yet often overlooked gesture, telling the people that mean the most how important they are often falls by the wayside, as we get caught up in life. Taking the time to tell your mum just how much you love her, that her love and support does not go unnoticed and that she is very dear to you is perhaps one of the best gifts you could give her.

Make her something

This is a particularly good option if you have kids who can make something special at school and present it to grandma on Mother’s Day. If your mum is like most, she probably still has homemade gifts from you from years ago, so this will no doubt be a touching reminder of how loving and caring her family is. You can also choose to make a gift if you prefer personalised presents or don’t have a lot of money, particularly if you're creative enough to try your hand at painting or poetry.

Whatever you choose, be sure to spoil mum this Mother's Day - she no doubt deserves it!

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